The first aim of the church is to provide a lively and welcoming worship centre for the people within her boundaries. We have only one Church of England Church, St. John the Baptist, in our Parish of Purbrook.

At the heart of our Worship is the Sunday parish communion. The worship styles are varied and broad in their churchmanship but tend to avoid the extremes! The Book of Common Prayer is used in most of our evening Services and Common Worship is used for our 08.00am and 10.00am morning Services. There is a range of music, both traditional and modern. We have a dedicated choir who sing at the major services every Sunday and also enhance our worship with special choral works from time to time. In addition, we welcome you with bells at our 10.00am service (and at Weddings etc, by arrangement!)

At 8.00am each Sunday there is a quiet, said service of Holy Communion. That is followed at 10.00am by the main Family Communion Service at the same time as which there is Kidzone for children. At 6.00pm there is an Evening Service or, once a month, Sung Evensong.

Evening Prayer is said in Church (usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays). In addition we usually have a Holy Communion Service at 10.30am on the first Thursday of each month. Worship is not confined to the church buildings. We have a number of nursing and rest homes to all of which the Sacrament is regularly taken. The Clergy also regularly visit Schools and Pre Schools in the Parish and hold Services for them in our Church.