(This message will be removed when we can meet again.)

We are severely restricted in what we can do in public worship. There will be no singing (or even loud speaking) and we have to maintain social distancing of two metres. There can be no refreshments afterwards. We have to record the names and contact details of everyone who attends in case we need to Track & Trace (if you are on our electoral roll, it will be sufficient to give only your name). When we have Communion it will be received in one kind (bread only). We recognise that not everyone will be able, or wish, to attend. Therefore the online services will continue.

Our format and frequency of services is under constant review and may change at short notice.

Current Services

Our current Sunday services that we offer as as follows:

9.00am: Communion at St John’s Church, Purbrook (If you would like to reserve a seat, please telephone Revd Andy.)

10.30am: Morning Worship online only. Streamed live on our Facebook page and uploaded later to our YouTube channel.

3.00pm: Communion at Christ Church, Portsdown. (May be replaced by our Refuel or Revive services – Please check the weekly notice sheet.)

Face Coverings

On Thursday 23rd July we received “strong advice” from the Church of England that, in line with government guidance, face masks should be worn in our church buildings when there are people from more than one household present. Therefore, if you are attending any service, please wear a face covering, unless there is a reason for you not to. This does not apply to children under the age of 11. Both of our churches have surgical face masks for sale at the door at £5 for a packet of ten, should you not have your own face mask or covering.

On Friday 31st July, the Prime Minister stated that face coverings in places of worship will be compulsory from Saturday 8th August.

Daily Hope Telephone Line

The Church of England hosts a free phone line of hymns, reflections and prayers. This is especially for those unable to watch services online and includes the option to listen to the most recent national Church of England service. This is all available 24 hours a day at no charge on 0800 804 8044. Please pass this number on to others who may find it useful.

Additional Guidance

For more guidance of the current situation, please consult the following: